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18 Jan Staging Horror on Broadway

Hope you’re all doing well…let me shamelessly start by letting you all know that I started my day out with a nice hot cup of KHDK Ghoul Screamer Coffee made by Dark Matter (shameless plug). And yes, it’s really good (another shameless plug!). I’ve had...

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Kirk Hammett Holiday Message

23 Dec An Important Holiday Message From Kirk

Hey everyone, Christmas is a time of happiness and good cheer, and at the end of the day, WHO wants to see Santa in a 'horrorble' compromising position??? No-one… except for you and me of course! So how better to shred that up than by putting on...

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Kirk Hammett Kids


YOU KNOW what’s amazing to me right now? I’ll pick up a horror magazine, look at the latest articles on the latest horror films, and it seems like 75% of them feature small children as protagonists! You know, sure! If something goes crazy with children,...

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Kirk Hammett Blog


KIRK HAMMETT BLOG STARDATE: DEC 5th A short while back, in Hawaii, I happened to meet the victim of a shark attack. I was talking with a doctor I ran into about recent local shark attacks, and he mentioned that he was treating one of the...

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15 Nov KVH Blog: Special FX

I was watching Nosferatu for the 18 billionth time, and it got me thinking about what special FX were in horror and what they are today. As I watched, I repeatedly found myself thinking ‘wow, Schreck’s make-up is brilliant.’ For that movie, and many others of...

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08 Oct Introducing The KVH Kirk Hammett Blog!

Fiends, Romans, Countrymen (and you!)… Welcome to the all-new KVH blog, where we will keep you up to speed with all that is happening in the world of Fear FestEvil, KVH Toys, and include some musings from Kirk, too. In fact, to kick things off, let’s...

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