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Kirk Hammett Answers Your Questions

Kirk Hammett Answers Your Questions

27 May Kirk Hammett Answers Your Questions


Kirk Hammett Answers Your Questions

Sometimes it’s nice to chat with people of like-mind and similar spirit, and so I figured that I’d ‘chat’ with a few of you via the blog by answering some of your questions.

Because recent blogs have seen me talking about Stephen King and werewolves, I have received several questions and comments involving both. Jessica Bottomley told me she was excited to read about my affinity for Stephen King, and wondered if I have read the Dark Tower series at all? I have Jessica, I read the first two books before, and I don’t know, something happened and I just kind of like fell off the program with those books. You know what? I just read that someone is finally going to make a movie based on those stories, starring Idris Elba as the gunslinger and Matthew McConaughey as the ‘man in black’ and it’ll be interesting to see how that turns out.

Tom Hagen just said to me that I should ’never forget Maximum Overdrive’, and I just wanna say that is a film I enjoy watching with the sound off and making up my own plot!! It’s something I learned from my wife. She would see me watching a movie on the airplane, she wouldn’t know what the plot was because she couldn’t hear anything, so she’d ask me if the movie was about about this, this, this, this? I’d say said no, it’s about something completely different but that I liked her take on it. So having seen Maximum Overdrive, it’s DEFINITELY one of those movies that’s fine to watch with the sound off while making up your own story line. The truck is amazing! And I heard that some guy found that big goblin’s head, he was a fan of the film and just by sheer luck he heard a rumor that that head was sitting in a lot somewhere in some other state, went on a trip,  tracked it down, found it and restored it. And I think that, you know, fucking bravo for that! It’s something that definitely needs to be preserved because it’s a great looking movie prop in my book.

On a slightly unrelated note, I do like most of the stuff Stephen has written under pseudonyms, like his Richard Bachman stuff.  He used a slightly different approach and a slightly different angle to make it seem like he’s maybe writing in someone else’s shoes. And when he does that he totally delivers. Sticking, as we seem to be, with Mr. King,  Yaniv Hoobian Schmal says he thinks Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining that Stephen wrote a couple of year ago, is excellent too. I think it’s brilliant but you know what? It doesn’t really touch too much on everything that happened at The Overlook Hotel. It’s Danny as an adult, who finds that it’s his quest to save this girl because she’s the only one who can stop this group of psychic vampires. The leader of the psychic vampires is super cool, and I would love to see a movie made after that book because I enjoyed it. But I was a little disappointed because what happened at The Overlook wasn’t really touched upon as much, or as deeply, as I would have liked to have seen. I would have liked to have seen more of Danny’s insight as an adult looking back at his experiences at The Overlook, trying to maybe figure it out and come up with answers. That being said, as a story in and of itself, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I also can’t wait for someone to make a movie out of it because I think it can be a really, really, really great movie.

Douglas B. says ‘hello, Kirk…’ Hello, Douglas. He suggests that if I haven’t seen the movie Needful Things, which is based on the book, I should. It doesn’t ring an immediate movie bell, so let me look it up…Max von Sydow plays a Nazi…ya know Douglas, I’m drawing a blank BUT thanks to you, I have discovered a ‘needful thing’ I need to check out!

If that isn’t enough, I have Rico Reyes telling me that one of his favorite wolves is the wolf in The Never Ending Story called Gmork! I have never had a reason to check out The Never Ending Story before, but now Rico, NOW I have, so know that I will be checking it out and that Gmork had better be all that!

Bob O’Rourke, you are absolutely right when you say that Ginger Snaps is a cool film, I think it’s great. It came out about 8 years ago, is graphic for sure and the lead girl makes a convincing werewolf. It does have a ‘coming of age’ and puberty theme, something which is explored through lycanthrophy and has also been heavily explored in Cat People, and I suppose there is certainly a link between felines and wolves, but yes! Ginger Snaps is a good movie for sure.

Phil Earle asked me what I thought of Stephen King’s Silver Bullet, and I enjoyed the story but I’m not so sure about the movie. I don’t have much recollection of it. I know some Stephen King movies have left me a bit disappointed, and I guess this was one of them.

Marita Joesoef asked me if I’d seen Crimson Peak, and what I thought of Del Torro’s work. I did see Crimson Peak and I thought it looked amazing. Del Torro has an amazing eye for dressing, and creating, scenes. I thought the movie would be completely different from what it was, and I thought it was OK, alright, it’s not something that disappointed me but I think it was more fun looking at it than experiencing it. Marita also asked what I thought of Tim Burton, and he’s just one of those guys that has such a different perspective, he’s created his own unique vocabulary, he uses that vocabulary for everything he does and that makes him his own unique person in film. I really love Tim Burton’s stuff and I think he takes on super cool projects. Mars Attacks? Dark Shadows? Come ON, I love that. And Frankenweenie? That’s my DOG! And I LOVE Beetlejuice to death, I have a couple of props from Beetlejuice and they’re among my most prized possessions.

Marita also asked something I’ve been asked a lot, which is whether my kids are scared of the collection. The thing is, they’ve been staring at it since they were infants, so they never knew they were ‘meant’ to be scared of this stuff, it’s always been around, it’s always been part of the landscape for them. My eldest kid, Angel, can name all the classic Universal Monsters just because he’s been embedded and immersed in it here. What really scares my kids are real life situations which might be too much to handle. Sometimes I’ll be watching the news and it might go to Mogadishu and child soldiers, which is when it can get a bit heavy for them. I don’t want to see them desensitized before their time, but I don’t think horror movies, or movies in general, will do that, I think it’s more to do with our culture and current events. But don’t worry, I’m not going to be showing them Evil Dead 2 or Friday the 13th Part 58 or whatever!

Finally, Barry Millar asked if I saw Creepshow 2, and saw the the hitchhiker bit where Stephen King makes an appearance as the truck driver. And man, I can’t remember if I saw Creepshow 2! MORE HOMEWORK! I LOVE it, so keep on keeping me on my toes please!

Thank you everyone,

Kirk Hammett Answers Your Questions


P.S. This is important to say. You know that remake of The Thing that came out a few years ago? Well guess what? It’s a prequel. So I had to reevaluate my thoughts on it, and thanks to Jeremy Wagner for enlightening me on that. Oh, what did I think after learning that context? I haven’t seen it again yet!

  • Kevin Matthews
    Posted at 11:44h, 27 May

    I know you get tons and tons of questions on these blogs, and I hate to waste space but if you’re reading this — thanks for taking the time to connect with the fans on a level that means something to you. I’m sure we’d all love to read Metallica stories, but for the same reason that James’ Instagram was cool because it didn’t contain a lot of Metallica and was more personal, this blog is just as great. Thanks Kirk!

    • Craig Locicero
      Posted at 12:29h, 27 May

      ALways thought it was hella funny seeing all the chicks pix Hetfield was liking and scamming on haa

  • Kristian Larsen Hestås
    Posted at 11:47h, 27 May

    As a fellow fan of classic horror movies, i have a question. Which one do you like the more, The Wolfman or The invisible man?

  • Nick M
    Posted at 11:48h, 27 May

    Totally agree, Crimson Peak was such a let down. It looked OUTSTANDING, but otherwise I feel like Guillermo del Toro has been coasting lately. That said, you guys should hook up in some way and do a collaboration or maybe just videos of each other visiting your collections. Have you seen that dude’s house? So sick! It’d be rad to finally see your house of horrors instead of just little glimpses here and there. The little you’ve shown has been so killer!! And I have a feeling it would surpass anything else we’ve ever seen.

  • Wayne macrae
    Posted at 11:59h, 27 May

    Hey Kirk have you seen Island of Terror? Going through some of my old classics and converted it to digital, what did you think of it?

  • Gabino martinez
    Posted at 12:02h, 27 May

    Hi Kirk. I’m such a big fan that my son was named after you:-) my question is do you collect art? Back in 1999 I took a longhorn skull to have delivered to you guys at a Dallas show. I have a feeling it never got to you guys. Anyway check out my art work

  • Kelly Dotson
    Posted at 12:06h, 27 May

    What do you think of yet another Mummy remake? Tom Cruise is in it and the Mummy is played by a women this time around. I’ve also read your writing a screenplay? True? Horror theme?

    • Nevels
      Posted at 12:13h, 27 May

      If there’s going to be a Mummy reboot, I wish someone would do it with a seriously dark angle instead of the stupid ones that have come out. Tom Cruise’s personal life is probably going to be darker and more evil than anything in the movie.

  • Noah Cann
    Posted at 12:06h, 27 May

    Hey Kirk, what’s your thoughts on universals upcoming remake of the mummy? Also what’s you thoughts and opinions on remakes and reboots of horror films?

    • Fred Norris
      Posted at 12:18h, 27 May

      I think they’re remaking all of the Universal Monsters movies. I doubt they’ll hold a candle to the originals because everything seems to be so dumbed down lately. Some of the stars attached to the movies leave a lot to be desired. It seems more like they’re rebooting the franchise so they can market it with a bunch of dumb toys which will ALSO be lame compared to the stuff you see in Kirk’s book.

      • john gilbert
        Posted at 19:51h, 27 May

        Yea, they are trying to piggyback off the success of the Marvel franchises. Eventually they hope to have “Monsters aassemble” ha ha.

  • Natália Švecová
    Posted at 12:13h, 27 May

    Hello Kirky(my best guitar player on the world) !
    We all know that you like horror movies and you collect all amazing horror things so my question is:
    Do you want to play in horror movie?(btw sorry for my English cause I am from Slovakia).

  • Nick M
    Posted at 12:15h, 27 May

    Ginger Snaps! Forgot all about that flick, such a good one and so underrated. I wish Netflix had a better selection of horror movies, and a better discovery feature in general. I tried Shudder out and it was cool, but they lack the cash to license the movies I most want to see.

  • Camila Alves
    Posted at 12:19h, 27 May

    Hi, Kirk! Some text about Robert Wiene? P.S. Caligari is my fav!

  • phil earles
    Posted at 12:20h, 27 May

    Kirk do you have a favorite actor that has played Jason Voorhees? This is always an interesting discussion on who pulled it off best.

  • Fred Norris
    Posted at 12:22h, 27 May

    Kirk and Fear FestEvil Staff:

    What happened to this year’s Fear FestEvil? The first year was amazing, last year’s VIP event was incredible, and even though the location, “circus” and bands were a letdown, Kirk’s Crypt, the panels and photo session with Kirk were so great! A combo of both years or even something new was something we were looking forward to seeing but WTF? Nothing? I’ve seen people say Kirk is busy recording but we’re talking about a couple days of time. He and the other members have done tons of stuff throughout the year. It’s sad to see Rob Zombie or Rock and Shock continue but Fear Fest takes a year off? Talk about killing a good thing. 🙁

  • Fidelman's Brickwall
    Posted at 12:26h, 27 May

    Hey Kirk!! Thanx for these blogs, so cool man!
    Hey, ever watch horror movies with Cliff or James? I read an old zine that kinda talked about it but thought longer thoughts could be cool, unless there isn’t much of a story there. Anyway, thanks again duder!

  • Chris Hayes
    Posted at 12:27h, 27 May

    Hey Kirk, I’ve been a massive fan of yourself and Metallica for about 21 years now. Started playing the guitar when I was 12 simply because I was massively influenced by yourself and haven’t looked back since! I just have one question – I know that you’re a massive fan of horror films, as am I, which film would u like your next guitar to be themed on and why? Best regards, Chris

  • Chris Todd
    Posted at 12:28h, 27 May

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but have you read and watched Steven Kings Pet Semetary? It’s a favorite of mine. Apparently it’s being remade.

  • mona alavi
    Posted at 12:37h, 27 May

    I really don’t know what to ask!:D Kirk what was the first classical horror movie that you watched and how about your favorite one?

    • Harald
      Posted at 13:04h, 27 May

      Every Kirk fan knows his first one, he’s said it a million times in interviews!

  • Oren Six
    Posted at 12:42h, 27 May

    Kirk! Have you seen Room 1408 yet? That movie freaks me out and it’s most definitely the most chilling King film I’ve ever watched. I love King’s short story books which is where Room 1408 originated.

  • Salvo
    Posted at 12:45h, 27 May

    Hi Kirk! 😉
    Have you seen the movie “The Witch” by Robert Eggers?
    If yes, did you like it?

  • Konrad Apolke
    Posted at 12:49h, 27 May

    Hey Kirk
    I wanna ask you something. I play E-guitar and you’re my Idol. I really wanna meet you but I’m 16. I play E-guitar since I am 13. I live in germany and that’s the reason for my had English but.. Please: Is it possible and ok for you if I would meet you (on concerts and so on) and would you give me guitar-lessons, please? I’d pay a lot but it would be really f*cking nice to meet you for me because it’s a dream. Please answer.

  • Maria Mancilla
    Posted at 13:02h, 27 May

    What’s up? 🙂 why do a lot of your music talk about prison?

  • Mike B
    Posted at 13:03h, 27 May

    Asked you this on twitter w/o a response but any thoughts about The Witch? It’s been so hyped, I thought it’d be cool to get your thoughts on it.

  • Maria Mancilla
    Posted at 13:04h, 27 May

    What’s up? 🙂 why do your music talk about prison?

  • Bob O'Rourke
    Posted at 13:05h, 27 May

    Thanks for responding to me Kirk! Ginger Snaps rules! hahah. Also, you gotta see Creepshow 2 bro! While it’s nowhere near as great as the original Creepshow since it’s only 3 stories instead of 5 (among other shortcomings), the Hitch Hiker story is a classic! Plus, I’m sure Greg Nicotero could tell you some hilarious stories about doing the effects for it! Cheers!

  • Harald
    Posted at 13:06h, 27 May

    Sup Bro!
    Lets hit real talk mode! Rob Zombie : Good modern horror director, or talentless hack taking advantage of his dumb fans because he did one decent movie many moons ago?

  • Tom Woods
    Posted at 13:06h, 27 May

    Kirk, a little off topic, but I wanted to say that I love my new Ghou Screamer. This is truly the best, most versatile pedal out there. Rock on.
    Tom W.

    • Jake Not From State Farm
      Posted at 13:10h, 27 May

      I know Kirk keeps this stuff limited to horror (well, except the Bowie story) but holy smokes Ghoul Scream and #1 are so insanely good. A little expensive but it’s like getting 2 or 3 pedals in one. I waited on them because I thought, yeah yeah just another celeb endorsement. I saw the reviews and thought, yeah yeah just another reviewer sucking up to a rockstar but when I tried them hands on? Bro, they’re the real deal! I keep wishing Kirk would do a video, like real deal video on here about them.

  • Kyle
    Posted at 13:07h, 27 May

    Rockstars talking about cool personal shiz and talking to their fans. I swear this internet thing just might be ok.

  • Salvo
    Posted at 13:12h, 27 May

    Do you think The Exorcist is overrated?

  • Salvo
    Posted at 13:19h, 27 May

    And what about “The Invitation” by Karyn Kusama?
    Do you like David Lynch movies? If yes, which one is your favourite?

  • Rahul
    Posted at 13:28h, 27 May

    Hey kirk. I don’t watch movies very often.
    I want to know, how could you play so fast? From the day I’ve bought my guitar, I’ve trying to play fade to black outro solo, but I haven’t succeeded so far.

    And one more thing, how you came up with such beautiful creations?

  • Rob Gomez
    Posted at 13:33h, 27 May

    Dude Salems Lot ,Phantasm,the hills have eyes(original) ,I spit on your grave (original) or how about Motel hell It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent’s fritters the fog that’s all I watch is the old classics every time I see your callection it brings back memories of all the old movies curse of the werewolf white zombie Texas chainsaw I got to meet Gunnar Hansen at the Orin fest in Detroit we can’t forget Dracula or young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder…lol I live in Michigan and twice I wanted to hit the road and come see you at fear fest but it too damn far hope you have another one this year hopefully you guys have a meet and greet this year I picked up your signature Randell KH100 3 mod that head is a beast man and signature cab with the vintage 30s hopefully I can get you to autograph that KH100 when you come back to Detroit and tell that beaner Robert that his uncle from Detroit says hi…

  • Valentin
    Posted at 13:44h, 27 May

    Yo Kirk. Good to see you being pretty active on the various social channels and your blog – my question in regards to this is, do you write all your stuff all alone and also run your Facebook, Instagram etc. yourself or is there people helping out? It’d be rad if you did it all yourself but I could totally understand if there is more people answering in your name. Cheers from Stuttgart, Germany. Oh and totally off topic, I can’t wait for that bloody new album 😉 have a good one, Val

  • Steve Arvizo
    Posted at 13:56h, 27 May

    Mr Von Hammett, over the years I have collected a large number of books on film, mainly in horror. I recently came across one that has proved to be a valuable resource for rare and unknown grindhouse film as well as the very popular works of H.G. Lewis to Wes Craven. It is a coffee sized encyclopedia filled with every possible bit of information for American Exploitation movies of the 1970’s -80’s. It is orginized in a smart and simple format covering genre, directors, and production history of movies during that time period. The book is titled Nightmare USA: The Untold Story of the Exploration Independents. It was not a cheap book when it came to the price but the amount of effort and love that went into making it, is priceless with it talking about more than 150 films. I have read your comments over the years about your love of the classics but I havent been able to read about your interest in less mainstream cinema. I am curious on your take on the films that were made not for the faint of heart and rarely saw profit but still managed to change how we see film today. I have yet to find a more comprehensive and well researched book. Even if you are not a fan of Grindhouse the book is worth a look, for its welth of information. I hope in some way I have given you a resource that you previously did not know about, that you will be interested in. And I hope to hear about your thoughts. Keep on entertaining us in all the ways that you do.

  • Greg
    Posted at 14:01h, 27 May

    Hi Kirk. One fast question. What kind of advice would you give to a typical guitar beginer ?

  • Greg Horn
    Posted at 14:26h, 27 May

    Hey Kirk, love the Ouija board ESP! Do you like the old Hammer and Dario Argento movies?

  • Nikola
    Posted at 14:54h, 27 May

    Hi Kirk! Greetings from Serbia. I remembered you really has liked my draw which I given to you in M&G in Belgrade, Serbia. 🙂
    What you think about movie The Conjuring 2? I hope it would be awesome. Cheers!

  • Mismacque julien
    Posted at 15:08h, 27 May

    Hi Kirk ! I’ve always wondered about the Call of Ktulu track. Is it your idea ? I’m a big fan of HP Lovecraft ! (And of MetallicA of course)
    Many thanks from France !!

  • Sara McCartney
    Posted at 15:32h, 27 May

    It would rock my world if I ever got to meet Kirk Hammet. (:

  • Pidy
    Posted at 15:39h, 27 May

    Cenamos juntos?

  • RIchard
    Posted at 17:31h, 27 May

    Where can we see these movies? I still miss Creature Features.
    When is the next bay area FearFest?

  • Scarleth Pamela flores Aguilar
    Posted at 17:41h, 27 May

    Hello kirk, I am from Hondurasy, I hope That youre ok, I really love what you do

  • Monica Rottoli
    Posted at 18:07h, 27 May

    Hi kirk! What do you thing about the series “Ash vs Evil Dead” ? I’m watching it and I think it’s so good! I like the style of old scenes..jerky and so fast,like in movies and also the zombies “oldschool” ahah. I really hope you answer me one day 😀 byeeee Kirk

  • Mark Cañas
    Posted at 18:38h, 27 May

    @KirkHammett hi Kirk hope you are doing great a few ?s 1 what was it like studying with satch? 2. What do you think and or feel during a guitar solo? 3. What are metallicas songs generally about? 4. What are the names of metallicas instrumental songs

  • Joseph Cecconi
    Posted at 19:14h, 27 May

    Why is the Blackend solo not played in its entirety live?

  • Dale W
    Posted at 23:00h, 27 May

    Hi, Kirk. I have two questions. I remember reading that you traded your black fernandes Strat for the Black Gibson V. What happened to the Esp natural body you used in the One video. Where the single coils Seymour Duncan classic stacks. I also remember this was before during build process of your Esp Skully.

  • Toni Mäkinen
    Posted at 00:41h, 28 May

    Kirk, what is your favourite horror movie music/theme song? What’s your favourite movie moment or scene? Also, i want to thank you for being an inspiration, for i started playing guitar cuz of you. Thanks!

  • hoo
    Posted at 04:52h, 28 May

    years ago i was listening to my first rock music (queen’s we will rock you)…..

    after some years i started to think: is there anything harder and heavier than rock?

    then i found out who you are and bought metallica’s master of puppets album…

    you have inspired me to play and love electric guitars

    i just wanted to thank you for being my idol.

  • David Margerin
    Posted at 09:38h, 28 May

    Many years ago, I have the luck to win at a concours to assist to the press conference of Joe Satriani for the release of his ‘The extremist’ album in Paris (France) and he said if he can, it will be a great pleasure for him to play guitar with you on a album. Do you agree with that, Kirk?

  • Yaniv Hoobian Schmal
    Posted at 11:14h, 28 May

    Hi Kirk

    I think you are right about “Mr sleep”
    It would have been much better if there was a better connection between the books.
    Maybe he didn’t want to repeat himself, who knows.
    Maybe you should ask him…


    • Yaniv Hoobian Schmal
      Posted at 11:31h, 28 May

      “Dr sleep” of course…

  • Cormac Farley
    Posted at 14:24h, 28 May

    Hey Kirk. Great blog as usual. Probably not going to read this but whatever. I understand your a fan of misfits. What is your opinion on the 90s era of the misfits lead by Michale Graves. You should check him out on facebook (horror punk music). Thanks for connecting to the fans.

  • Savannah Wright
    Posted at 15:29h, 28 May

    Hi kirk how are you? What is your favorite wes craven movie? And also on an unrelated to horror note, what is is your favorite song off of either load or reload? You had some great guitar work on there 🙂 Cheers

  • Danny Dornan
    Posted at 16:37h, 28 May

    Did you watch the Creature Feature show with Bob Wilkins growing up?

  • juan camilo bernandez franco
    Posted at 16:51h, 28 May

    Hello sir kirk like this, i hope this fine, greeting from colombia, i want to ask of many successful songs of metallica which is his favorite amonig master of puppets and enter sadman? Thank you

  • Johnny Juice
    Posted at 20:26h, 29 May

    Kirk fuckin Hammett!!! Bro remember when I was like, yo gee I can get you some sweet ass blow and you were like thanks bro gotta go and I was like bro this shit is the tits?!! Fucking Hammett man! Hammetttt fucking yeah fuck!!!

  • Kyle
    Posted at 20:30h, 29 May

    When is Fear FestEvil 2016 being announced? Still in Bay Area or maybe (please) Midwest somewhere???

  • Kelly Trusdale
    Posted at 09:59h, 30 May

    Hi Kirk!
    Have u ever thought about doing a live question and answer thing on FB Live or Periscope? Or maybe if not live, just do a video of you answering questions? That would be really rad. Thanks for taking the time to even do this one. Love the blog!

    Posted at 11:39h, 30 May

    Kirk!!! I have to tell you man you totally made my day, thanks for the mention really cool of you to respond to a few of our comments. I’m gonna totally print this out and add to my awesome Met memorabilia! Glad your planning to check out “The never ending story” pressures on for Gmork to deliver…haha. Hey at the very least just watch it with your kids guaranteed they will love the movie. And scary wolves and all else aside it actually is a pretty cool movie in and of itself i’m sure you will dig it.

  • Mark Conrad
    Posted at 13:47h, 30 May

    Hi Kirk! How the hell are ya! I love you man! I’ve been a fan since 84! Can’t wait to hear the new album! Good luck with Fear FestEvil 2016! Peace!

  • Jason Baum
    Posted at 10:47h, 31 May

    Have you seen “The VVitch” yet? Did you like it? I know you thought “It Follows” was overrated (I did too) although I think it had something, but couldn’t make a fully realized version of what they were going for and the ending was really lame.

    Looking forward to Fear FestEvil again, but if I can make a comment about it, go back to something like the first year. Last year only Friday was really good. The circus carny thing outside was sad and there wasn’t enouggh panels or things to do between the signings and the bands. Don’t take that the wrong way, it was still better than most things but it was a little underwhelming compared to first year. I heard everyone loved the murder dinner but tickets sold out before we could get them for that. Anyway, looking forward to whatever you bring us with the next Fear FestEvil! Thanks Kirk!!

  • Lukas
    Posted at 10:49h, 31 May

    I saw Charlie from Anthrax wearing a Kirk Von Hammett shirt the other day. Very cool to see other metal guys showing support! Cheers from Belgium!

  • Alan
    Posted at 07:19h, 02 June

    Kirk- thanx for always being down to earth and cool with the fans. James used to be my rockstar hero but I saw him blow off a fan at the Giants game and then again at the COC show last week. I work security and know an over zealous fan when I see one, these two instances weren’t that. Especially at COC. Just a respectful guy waiting to say hi, James shook his head and walked away. Guy didn’t even want an autograph. People give Lars flack but I’ve seen him out numerous times and he’s always cool with people. Same with you (can’t say I’ve seen Rob interact around town). So thanks again for always making time for people, even if it’s just a quick hello, or fist bump.

    • Mark L.
      Posted at 00:07h, 09 June

      Hey Alan, I agree Kirk is the most level-headed, peace-maker and all around good guy in the band. Without him the band would have ended long ago. You work security so you should know there is nothing as SCARY as a nut-case fan. or just a nut-case in general. I worked Law enforcement for over a decade and one thing you learn in Security/Law is that you become a student of human nature with the ability to read people. If you watch Metallica TV on You-Tube you would see that James, Kirk, Lars and Robert ALL did the Meet & Greets with the fans prior to 2014. In 2015 only Kirk, Lars and Robert did the Meet & Greets so something must have happened to James (just reading between the lines).. Everyone knows about James rough upbringing and Kirk’s wasn’t great either but I would cut the guys some slack as everyone deals with fear and stress differently. It is way cool that Kirk does this blog and takes time to connect with fans that share the same interest in Horror as we do.

  • Mark L.
    Posted at 01:02h, 09 June

    Hi Kirk, again thanks for having this blog. Have you started collecting or ever read any of the old 1950s EC Comic Books? “Tales From the Crypt”, “Vault Of Horror”, “Crypt Of Terror”, “Weird Fantasy”, “MAD” “Crime SuspenStories”, “Weird Science” etc……These Comic Books have the greatest artwork I have ever seen and are a Must-Have for any Horror collector.. If you haven’t had a chance to read any of these I would strongly recommend them. I know Steven Spielberg kind of cornered the market on a lot of the original art work but you can still find the old Comic Books around. I still have a few of the old EC Comics around the house somewhere that you are welcome to have. If you want them let me know and I will gladly send them to you.(My contact info is on your band web site under user XTIC.
    Also, growing up in the Bay Area did you ever watch CREATURE FEATURES with Bob Wilkins on channel 2 every Saturday night? They had some of the greatest old “B” horror flicks on that show back in the day. To bad there isn’t a channel on TV like that anymore…..those were the days!!! Take care and good hunting with your collecting, Mark

  • yill myers
    Posted at 15:37h, 15 June

    hii kirk.. haven’t read your blog in a while.. but it’s awesome like always.
    the movie I saw tonight was a german one named funny games, I don’t know if you know it but I tought it was quit good,maybe you’ll like it!
    also I stumbled upon a site named horror .com.. I felt right at home,it has a forum with a whoole lot of big horror fans like us to recommend and discuss horror movies just like here, it’s awesome!
    also I found a way to get 2 more seasons of tales from the crypt in a dvd box set and a frankenstein’s monster wallet I found this really cool zombies hand and some comics. what are your last adds to your collection if I may ask?
    love yill

  • Jordan Spory
    Posted at 10:00h, 16 June

    Hello Kirk! I know that 95% of your questions involve Metallica and not movies or shows etc. But I’m only 15 and I have 10 of your albums and hope to have another one by the end of the year. My buddy and I are creating a band and we are learning to play some of Metallica’s songs so we can continue what you guys have started in the early 80’s. I was wondering if you have any advice that can help us strive in continuing all of the 80’s metal and hard rock styles and keep that music alive. See, Kirk, my friends and I are different than everyone else, were the only ones we know that at least like metal and aren’t in to the new pop and glamour. It is tough for us to fit in very well, I was wondering if you have any help for us when we are looked at differently for wearing Metallica, Megadeth, and Motley Crue shirts that everyone else thinks that they look scary or their music is for the devil and so forth. So Kirk, if you are still reading my long letter, I hope you can (and I know you will) give me and my friend some great advice about how we can better our musical talents and overcome all of our troubles with the denying world. Once again, thank you so much Kirk for what you and your band has done for me, my friend, and the whole Metallica community.

  • Elias
    Posted at 16:49h, 22 June

    hi kirk i been a fan of yours for 19years im 32 any advice im starring to learn guitar how to start not just read tabs and how can i meet you that would be awesome my friends

  • Vayolet
    Posted at 02:36h, 24 June

    Hi Kirk, last time I asked you ”What do you think about italian horror movies, sometimes called b-movies in collaboration with U.S., often called Masterpieces of the genre? Do you know great directors like Dario Argento and / or Mario and Lamberto Bava? Have you ever seen a movie of the large amount of splatter-horror and psychological thriller filmed in Italy in the ’70s? The most part of them is really disturbing and creepy. ”
    Just in case you still want to chat with us, I put bacl here my question.
    Kind regards and thank you very much for the answers you gave to the other fans. They are interesting for me too.

  • Thomas Rohlman
    Posted at 07:22h, 01 July

    Kirk,i know a friend who has an extensive collection of Karloff original collectables. Boris’ daughter has marveled at his collection when she spoke at CU Boulder Film Stnudies. Bobby is a genuine character who I could see playing in any retro- horror movie today. Seriously he has a hunchback, and Marty Feldman eyes, most of all, he has a beautiful heart, and a tremendous hard working attitude. I am writing to you to see if somehow you could network within the horror industry, during the twilight of life and bring joy to the masses. I would also like to see him paid appropriately for the collections that he is willing to part with. Pleas let me know if this sounds interesting to you.

  • Vayolet
    Posted at 08:40h, 05 July

    Thank you very much for the time you spend with us, for your accurate and interesting answers and for talking with us. It means so much to me.
    I would like to ask you a question: Do you know the Italian horror cinema of the 70’s and early 80’s? The masters of the genre, as Dario Argento, to mention the most famous?
    What do you think of that wave of Italian films which, although cloning from America (but not always !!!), they were really special, disquieting and disturbing? You saw someone? You want me to title a few tips? (This is quite ridiculous, since you have seen everything possible and beyond, about the horror movies. I’m asking you just to be safe). See you next concert. Lots of hugs

  • Tara Coppola
    Posted at 12:33h, 05 July

    Such a cool story about your wife guessing the plot of a movie you’re watching while she can’t hear it! And making up your own plot. I read that Michael Jackson (despite what folks may say, my ex works for Tommy Shaw of Styx..,& even Tommy said if folks can’t see MJ’s genius, then they don’t get it)…well, MJ used to make his kids watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy with no sound. Not to make up their own plot, but to see the true artistry of it. Pretty damn cool…???

  • Merl Hall
    Posted at 10:16h, 28 July

    Kirk you have made it from echoville to world fame congrads dude missed you at exodus ( paul bayloffs reunion gathering) but it was cool to see you and jeff and gary side by side ripping out some old riffs you may not see this but I still listen to the Black album daily lol your old pal Merl

  • Mykl king
    Posted at 14:13h, 28 August

    Hey my hero along with any member as well assistant fan any reason god had metallica set to be the greatness it is for my entire life hell you guys are the reason i play guitar ….

    this site and the new record is phenomenal raw ideas that kick ass still to this day , i have a propersition for metallica on some ideas from a true fan point of veiw if intrested jus respond. Thank keep metaling up ass

  • Thanos Galanis
    Posted at 11:17h, 30 September

    Hello Kirk Hammett!:)
    I am from Greece!
    What would you suggest to one of your and Lars best students that booked plane to Copenhagen just for Metallica and tickets flew away in 20 minutes.I leave at 6 so I can’t even for 7.don’t tell me to go alone and see museums,rivers etc man.I’ve seen you met a lot of funs.I’m your best student.give me that chance Kirk!

  • Daniel T.
    Posted at 17:35h, 06 October

    Hi Kirk, absolutely love your blog regarding old-time horror and your videos of your own efforts to help preserve its heritage! 🙂 I myself have always been affiliated with horror especially beginning with those of Universal from the 20’s onwards through the silver age to the extent that it inspired me to want to be a filmmaker myself in writing and conceptualising horror narratives. I happen to be from the very home town where Frankenstein director James Whale was born and raised and his story has never left me and remains the seminal reason I find Dudley town worth exploring still. I and my collaborators are currently in the early stages of producing a short film subject on the early life of James Whale titled “James: The Invisible Boy” which details his teen life as an imaginative tearaway set in 1904. We intend to visually capture the essence of his creative genius within horror by utilising the Frankenstein and Invisible Man metaphors to emphasise just what this individual went on to achieve and create and birth the icon of monsters. However, as we are a small independent group with a big ambition that we wish to showcase internationally given the powerful subject matter and horror genre we are currently in the stage of seeking producers and backers to help raise our needed fund goal to acquire the historical town to shoot within and also production costs in terms of costumes and set pieces. With any other funds we raise we aim to a establish a commemorative blue plaque outside James Whales original place of birth to show the rest of the horror world just where the father of Frankenstein was born. As someone who is both a classic horror admirer I hope you can appreciate just how much I personally wish to also preserve the collaborative efforts of all involved who helped to bring us these movies to enjoy a thousand lifetimes over. However, with time unfortunately some of these people fall into further obscurity and the last effort made to depict Whale was in 1998’s Gods & Monsters starring Sir Ian McKellon which gave a more fictitious on his tragic death rather than his triumphant origins on what was to be… We intend to provide that missing those unknown early beginning on what inspired the “Man who made a Monster” and educate others about this remarkable horror pioneer, and with the blessing of Whale’s descendants it seems an endeavour well worth taking on for us; we just really want to get it off the ground.
    As the producer/writer/director of this venture I would like to ask if you yourself would at all be interested in investing or collaborating with us in this small project as a producer…? As this is still in the script development and location permit stage we strive to begin production early next year. But anyway, sorry for rambling on, has been a great honour talking to you at least from a like-minded perspective on my part at least. Thanks for reading anyway, hopefully my email has attached and thanks for all the good work Kirk.

    Scariest regards,


  • Davis Wood
    Posted at 05:51h, 29 November

    I don’t know if Kirk will read this but if he does i have a message for him.

    Hello Kirk,

    I just wondered two things, first what is your favorite horror movie of all time? Second, what horror movies would you recommend?

    Thank you!
    Davis Wood

  • Heart Attack Dave White
    Posted at 14:29h, 06 January

    MR. Hammett. My name is Dave white.I’m dying That’s where the name Heart Attack Dave comes from. I have 1 question I would like to ask you. What do I need to for 15 min.
    Of your very valuable time?my phone # is5106733254

  • Jerry Atwell
    Posted at 08:55h, 20 February

    Kirk I’ve been a fan since Metallica came out i would love to meet you, James, and Lars. I know that will never happen. what about a letter from all 3 of you? thank you very much your biggest fan Jerry Atwell

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