Sara Karloff

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Sara Karloff

Our last guest announcement of 2013! As we gear up for the home stretch towards the Fear FestEviL in February, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce the attendance of Sara Karloff, the daughter of infamous horror legend Boris Karloff.

Sara Karloff was born on her father’s 51st birthday, November 23, 1938. He was filming “Son of Frankenstein” at the time. Sara jokes that she was “his most expensive birthday present ever.” In 1993, following the death of her step-mother, Evelyn Karloff, Sara assumed the responsibility for the licensing rights relating to her famous father and formed Karloff Enterprises. The company’s goal is to maintain a standard of excellence and appropriateness when the name or likeness of her father is used. Through the licensing process she has been able to make merchandise and collectibles available to her father’s fans.

The popularity of Mr. Karloff’s 170 plus films, his immense body of radio and television work, his children’s recordings and his stage performances is multi-generational and universal. Original audiences enjoyed the films in theaters, their children were enthralled with the films on televisions, and today’s youth enjoy them on DVD. It is with great affection and respect for the personal and professional legacy left by her father that Sara Karloff and Karloff Enterprises continues to make available though the licensing process the likeness of this remarkable film icon.

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